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Well, we’re back … and hopefully this page will allow singers, audience members and friends to post comments.

Thursday 23rd September
After three rehearsals, I have to say I am much encouraged!
We’re certainly not back at full strength, but we certainly have a very viable choir. We chose the music (Vivaldi Gloria and Mozart Coronation Mass) deliberately not to be too demanding … but at current progress, we are going to be ready for a performance some time before the actual concert date.
Next job is design the poster, and start the publicity machine going to let the good people of Formby know that we are back!

4 thoughts on “Choir Blog

  1. Post author

    Thursday 30th September
    Here’s my first comment – replying to my own comment !!
    Another really good rehearsal last night – and so good to hear people saying how much they’re enjoying being back. And enjoying it even with (or maybe because of) the distance between singers, which means everyone is really having to concentrate …
    AGM next week, but we will be singing for a good session beforehand, so don’t stay away!

  2. dh

    Now that I’ve registered I can post – not sure whether other people will bother registering … but hope some will …so we can start a discussion

  3. Post author

    Well, that’s not going to work … having opened up the page to allow comments, I got bombarded by spurious user registrations … all obviously by some robotic device … so for now I’ve stopped registrations. A shame, because it would be good, over time, to get a discussion going.

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