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June | Formby Choral Society
Formby Choral Society
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9th June 2018

People say we sing too many Requiems!! I would beg to differ; although the text is always the same, it usually inspires composers to give of their best.
This season we also have two Messe Solennelles - Vierne's in the March concert; and Rossini's in June. They could hardly be more different. Vierne's is redolent of the incense-rich atmosphere of the great Parisian church of St Sulpice. Rossini's would sit comfortably on the stage at the Paris Opera! In fact it was first performed in the private house of the people for whom Rossini composed it, and he described it as a "folly of his old age". It is huge fun to sing, and the audience is assured of melody in abundance.