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Formby Choral Society
The men with the little white stick

Roger Golder
9th December 1966 - 7th February 1969

James Eastham
12th June 1970 - 18th December 1976

Robert Hull
18th November 1977 - 19th May 1979

Martin Merry
24th November 1979 - 9th May 1981

Martin Bussey
14th November 1981 - 10th June 1989

Stephen Threlfall
4th October 1989 - 9th March 1991

David Holroyd
18th May 1991 - date
(101, and counting)  
… and so far, it just happens that they have all been men.
First and last concert dates are given, with the total number of concerts (beneath)

It was quite something to realise that the March concert at The Phil was probably my 100th with FCS. And that I’ve now conducted more concerts than all my predecessors put together. Also a bit scary. And I guess there’s two ways of looking at this: It’s time for a change, OR if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!